Back To School Supplies Haul – Sophomore Year

It has been quite a while. I’ve just been having a hard time thinking of things to write. I want to post on here, but my brain always goes blank when I try to think of ideas. Luckily, my brain threw a few ideas out and I made a list.

I’ve noticed that some people from across the world have checked out my blog. That is mind-blowing to me! It’s crazy how the internet can connect people from all over.

Since it is the time of going back to school, I went supply shopping. I’m such a nerd and seeing all those notebooks gave me a little thrill. Wow, that made me sound weird. I thought I would tell you some of the things I bought, in case you are heading back to school soon and need some advice on what to get.

  1. Two 1-inch binders. I got a purple and a light blue one, and instead of the normal pockets on the inside, they have a file folder.
  2. Two sets of 8-tab dividers for my binders.
  3. Two packs of college-ruled binder filler paper.
  4. Five notebooks with college-ruled paper.
  5. A composition notebook with graph paper.
  6. Two boxes of #2 wood pencils.
  7. Black and red pens.
  8. Highlighters of different colors.
  9. Different colored pens.
  10. Glue sticks.
  11. A pack of graph paper.
  12. A beautiful planner (that may or may not be in a future post – wink wink).

I will be using some supplies that I already have as well.

  1. My backpack from freshman year.
  2. My pencil pouch from 8th grade.
  3. Pencil sharpener.

I think that is everything I have. Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helped you prepare for the new school year. Bye!


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