Fascinating Words

I tend to always have a hard time thinking of something to write about. I think, think, and think some more, but don’t get very far. I come up with ideas, but they never truly satisfy me because they aren’t original.

So today I was looking around my room trying to find some inspiration, and I saw my dictionary. I thought I would find a few words that are fascinating, because words can be very strange.

lollygag (inf.) to waste time in trifling or aimless activity

otiose (adj.) futile; useless

saurian (adj.) of or like lizards

sobriquet (n) a nickname; an assumed name

disencumber (vt.) to relieve of a burden (I thought it said “disencucumber” at first)

meretricious (adj.) attractive in a flashy way

I hope you found this interesting, for I know that I sure did because I just love words. Thank you so much for reading. Bye!