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I was born in Pennsylvania and lived there until I was about four years old. I remember it quite a bit, and my memories are vivid. I miss it there, but I also love where I live now.

I remember when I used to sit on my Nana’s dining room floor. It was very dark in there. I would look into the mouse holes in the wall, waiting for something to peek out at me.

I used to walk on the stone steps, clicking my little heels, to hear that perfect sound that I loved. I would stare at a cocoon, hanging from the trees.

I swam in my Nana’s pool, wearing those little arm floaties.

I sled down the hill, that seemed so big since I was so small, in my purple sled into my dad’s arms.

I am going to Idaho soon, and it will be a family reunion. When this post is up, I will have been back, but still with my family, for they are coming home with us for a bit.

I miss my life in Pennsylvania, even though I love it here, and wonder what my life would be like if we never had left.

Though, would I be the same person?

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania

  1. Dear Miss Fiona Mae,

    Who says a fifteen-year-old can’t write a memoir? Very nicely done, madam.dd I’m proud of you!

    dWhy don’t you try your hand at a little dialog just for fun? Maybe invent a conversation?

    Keep up the good work.


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