30 Fun Ideas For Summer

Hi! I don’t know about you, but I know I can get really bored in the summer and just end up watching TV for most of the day, and my parents tend to not approve of that. I have decided to compile a list of activities for you to do this summer when you have no ideas.

1.       Play paint twister.

2.       Make popsicles.

3.       Go to the beach.

4.       Have a water balloon fight.

5.       Bake a cake.

6.       Redo your room.

7.       Read at least three books.

8.       Make a scrapbook.

9.       Put on a show.

10.   Start a blog.

11.   Go to a waterpark.

12.   Go to an amusement park.

13.   Go to a concert.

14.   Have a movie marathon.

15.   Do a DIY.

16.   Go shopping.

17.   Throw a party.

18.   Start a Youtube channel.

19.   Have a photoshoot.

20.   Go on a hike.

21.   Have a picnic.

22.   Drive around with no plan.

23.   Learn something.

24.   Try yoga.

25.   Take a class.

26.   Make a music video.

27.   Make a fort.

28.   Go to the movies or the drive-in.

29.    Paint a picture.

30.   Go through your closet and donate items.

There you go! I hope this helped. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back on Friday for a new post that I haven’t done before! Bye!


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