Slice of Life

The Mouse Incident

Hello! Happy Saturday! Not much happened today, but I did go out to lunch with my mom and my friend also came over just to hang out. But we were hanging out outside, playing monkey in the middle but volleyball-style, and the ball hit a window! Luckily, it was already shattered (thanks to my stepdad ;), that is another story) and it didn’t do too much damage!

Also, yesterday I was just watching TV with my sister, and we heard my mother say, “Girls, you need to come in here,” so we rushed into the kitchen. There on the floor was my cat and a small mouse. It was actually kind of funny! We couldn’t tell if it was dead or alive, but then it started crawling, and my mom and I started freaking out! Then my sister, being very calm, said, “We will just get a cup,” and she got it out of the house. My cat seemed very confused, because all he wanted was to bring us a present!

I am quite surprised with myself, because I am not usually that scared of things like that. I’ve had pet rodents before! I guess it just wasn’t my day.

I came out into the garden today, and, well, let’s just say the poor mouse didn’t do so well.

We are going to go out to dinner in a little bit, so I guess I will go. I hope you enjoyed this sort of humiliating story, because I actually did stand on a chair like the women would do in old movies. Oh my goodness.

I will talk to you tomorrow! Bye!