My Favorite Bloggers To Read

You know how much I love reading, right? But not just books! I love reading lots of other things! Such as bloggers! I think it is so cool to be able to read about what other people like to do and what their life is like! (That makes me sound sort of creepy, doesn’t it? Just kidding!)

Today I am going to tell you my favorite bloggers to read so that you can find some more for your reading list! Here we go!

1.       Thirteen Thoughts

This blog is great for reading about subjects on blogging, beauty, photography, and lifestyle. The author, Paula, gives great advice on all sorts of things.

2.       Career Girl Daily

This website is all about your career! They give great advice, from being at the office to relaxing at home.

3.       Books, Bags and Frocks

I found this blog just recently and haven’t gotten the chance to read much of it, but I already know I am going to love it because just look at the title! She writes about books!


I don’t have too many blogs to share yet, but when I find even more I love reading, I will give you an updated post! Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you on Sunday. Bye!


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